Famous Robloxians #1

Like Regular Robloxians, I’ll be interviewing people, but the catch is that this segment interviews famous people. This segment features Robloxians that are better known in the community. Today’s interview is with BillCheesey5, a Roblox News writer.

BillCheesey5, 6/6/12

Q: When did you first join Roblox?

A: Very first account (Emerald Knight) 2006, lost pass, now, I’m BillCheesey5, I joined May 24 2010

Q: What happened to the first account that made you lose your password?

A: Forgot it.

Q: What was the first game you remember playing?

A: Build a Cabin to Survive Zombies or something.

Q: What is your favorite item?

A: The Dusekkar

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

A: Having Shedletsky visit my place.

Q: Why would you say it’s your biggest accomplishment?

A: Because he is probably the most known person in the game.

Q: How would you say you became famous?

A: I’m not famous. If I am, it’s news to me, and because of my Winter Obby.

(we brought up the fact that he writes for RN, which is why we considered him famous nonetheless)

Q: Do you EVER feel like you don’t want to be famous for whatever reason? Why?

A: If I am considered famous, I probably would and wouldn’t want to be famous.

  1. Actual fans who support me and like the stuff I make
  2. The thing that would annoy me is beggers, JV4

Q: Anything you want to shout out?

A: Follow me on Twitter! @BillCheesey5

That wraps it up for this edition of Famous Robloxians! Keep watching RC for more Roblox news and interviews!


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  1. I do believe there’s something unnerving about the middle-aged Turkish man who’s liked this post.

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