Book Review- Basic Roblox Lua Programming

It’s time for a book review.

Yeah, it’s exciting! The first EVER Roblox lua programming book….but does it live up to its standards?


Yes and no.


You won’t get the book you’re expecting, that’s for sure. It was published with Amazon self publishing, so you can write your own book and get it out there, setting your own price, and it will be able to be bought. Incase you don’t know, the service has a bad reputation amoung people, as its books are a lot of the time low quality, and some are basically scams, such as “I Am The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

And forget about the Amazon reviews, the five star ones are uninformative and useless, without grammar, written by younger children. When you open the book, the first suprising think is that there is HUGE font. We’re talking about 20-24 and about 36 for the titles!

And setting this book for $15.00 is just for money (pretty large royalty fee). This book may state that it has 284 pages, but it doesn’t, really. It could fit into 30, and though this book does have good material, a lot of the pages are completely useless and there are better tutorials online. Another thing I noticed was how…well, how awkwardly written it was. The book obviously wasn’t revised after a draft, and the writing is unconventional, not sentence structure you’d hear in everyday speech.

For actually learning Roblox Lua, this book does a pretty bad job of it. It’s “chapters” can consist of as little as 1 page, and yes, in the huge font, that’s really, really unimpressive. You don’t actually learn much, and this book isn’t for someone who’s heard of Roblox Studio, nevermind knowing very, very basic Lua.  It’s not exactly extremely helpful.

And for the book bonus features, quite unimpressive. For some reason he feels the need for at the end of every chapter to provide a summary for it, which takes some nerve, since it’s not easy to say TL;DR about these chapters. It’s as if he’s summarizing a summary. And, for even more pages used, he included an extra collection of all the summaries at the end, for those too lazy to go from chapter to chapter? He has an about me, and about his Roblox apps he’s published, oh, and of course the ultra-corny “THANKS FOR READING!” feature.

I hate to give this a bad review for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the first book written on Roblox ever, so it’s setting a low standard. Secondly, cowbear16, or Brandon LaRouche, is actually a very good Roblox builder & scripter. He’s very accomplished, and I was suprised he didn’t write something much better.

Rating- 25% out of 100%

So tell us your opinions of the books, or ask questions!

Think you can write a good Roblox book???

Learn about Amazon self publishing with:


~Alpha5001 {Roblox Command President}


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