Book Review- Basic Roblox Lua Programming

It’s time for a book review.

Yeah, it’s exciting! The first EVER Roblox lua programming book….but does it live up to its standards?


Yes and no.


You won’t get the book you’re expecting, that’s for sure. It was published with Amazon self publishing, so you can write your own book and get it out there, setting your own price, and it will be able to be bought. Incase you don’t know, the service has a bad reputation amoung people, as its books are a lot of the time low quality, and some are basically scams, such as “I Am The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.

And forget about the Amazon reviews, the five star ones are uninformative and useless, without grammar, written by younger children. When you open the book, the first suprising think is that there is HUGE font. We’re talking about 20-24 and about 36 for the titles!

And setting this book for $15.00 is just for money (pretty large royalty fee). This book may state that it has 284 pages, but it doesn’t, really. It could fit into 30, and though this book does have good material, a lot of the pages are completely useless and there are better tutorials online. Another thing I noticed was how…well, how awkwardly written it was. The book obviously wasn’t revised after a draft, and the writing is unconventional, not sentence structure you’d hear in everyday speech.

For actually learning Roblox Lua, this book does a pretty bad job of it. It’s “chapters” can consist of as little as 1 page, and yes, in the huge font, that’s really, really unimpressive. You don’t actually learn much, and this book isn’t for someone who’s heard of Roblox Studio, nevermind knowing very, very basic Lua.  It’s not exactly extremely helpful.

And for the book bonus features, quite unimpressive. For some reason he feels the need for at the end of every chapter to provide a summary for it, which takes some nerve, since it’s not easy to say TL;DR about these chapters. It’s as if he’s summarizing a summary. And, for even more pages used, he included an extra collection of all the summaries at the end, for those too lazy to go from chapter to chapter? He has an about me, and about his Roblox apps he’s published, oh, and of course the ultra-corny “THANKS FOR READING!” feature.

I hate to give this a bad review for two reasons. Firstly, it’s the first book written on Roblox ever, so it’s setting a low standard. Secondly, cowbear16, or Brandon LaRouche, is actually a very good Roblox builder & scripter. He’s very accomplished, and I was suprised he didn’t write something much better.

Rating- 25% out of 100%

So tell us your opinions of the books, or ask questions!

Think you can write a good Roblox book???

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~Alpha5001 {Roblox Command President}


Game Review- Natrual Disaster Survival

Natrual Disaster Survival Thumbnail

This is a picture of NDS, a game made by stickmasterluke.

Classification- Disaster Survival

You’ve probably heard or played NDS before, the popular disaster survival game. However, this is not the typical survival game like TheFurryFox’s, with a small Roblox house and surrounding land, this is quite different. The game takes place on an island, which is unique in it of itself, but the disasters are not normally done.


Disasters- +40

The disasters are done fairly well, however there are quite a few things missing. The fires look completely unrealistic, just like black bricks producing more black bricks, for example. Given the fact that at the time of writing there are only six types of disasters, I’d expect more than from a particular disaster which was one of seventy. However, what the fires lack the tornado makes up for. The tornado is very realistic and visually stunning. The tsunami does look somewhat like part of a bull-dozer, but still makes you run around in circles in panic. The disasters could’ve been done better, but they are satisfactory for the most part.


Difficulty- +30

Again, this score does not represent the whole picture of every single disaster, but they are typically easy to survive. For example, with meteors, storms, tornadoes, and fires, you can stay on the edges of the cliffside to survive, which could easily be deleted. The only two disasters you actually have to do something to survive through are the floods and tsunamis. Even AFKers sometimes survive meteors or storms. On the other extrme, there are some maps which it is impossible to live through a flood without a baloon.


Maps- +40

The maps are one of the best parts of the game, though some are not perfect. One is a racetrack, which is arguably the best. The refinery is also done well. However, the towers aren’t very well done, with no decoration inside of them. The maps aren’t that great overall, but certain ones are very good.


Overall- +110

This game is not necessarily a breakthrough in Roblox disaster survival games, but if you’re bored or want to play a fun game, this is a good one to check out. Hopefully, this game will be updated more often, with new VIPs, and will become a more modern game using the latest Roblox technology.



[Alpha5001, Roblox Command Founder & President]

To Owners Of The Jungle Commando Face

Jungle Commando

Recently, the Jungle Commando face has DRASTICALLY risen in price. Now it’s 5,000.

Let’s look at the prices AFTER that.

One for 6k, after it.

One for 8k.

One for 9k.

One for 9.5k.





To The Owners Of Scarecrow On My Head

This hat has had a VERY, VERY rocky past, and a very rocky present. The hat’s price goes up and down, and at ONE point you could get it for 42 robux, and probably bargain for even lower.

Scarecrow on my Head

Right now, the current lowest price is 190 robux. So, there are two options for you right now. The first thing you could do is sell it right about now, typically 1 robux lower than the current lowest price. Or you could wait a while as it GRADUALLY gets more expensive, but this unloved hat will take a while. It’s not something to trade with, it’s something you want to get rid of. So, sell it now, if anytime.



There are

Advice For Owners Of The Dark Minion

When this hat came out, one of the major limited item groups said that it would be a slight profit. They were right.

Dark Minion

When it came out, people were buying it at the cheap price it was at. The comments were that people were going to sell it HIGH, about 1,000 robux or even more, some boasted. When it did come out, the first round was a lot of people pricing it at 500. There were calls to raise, but nobody listened. After that, it dropped to 300. And THAT was the time to sell, the LAST time you should have sold it, if you had it. A number of people sold them at 1 robux, and the price dropped to 200. Now, though, the price has gradually climbed back up to 450 (currently). My advice for owners of the Dark Minion is to use this as a trading item, or wait some more. Here’s what I mean by trading item. Person A has a hat. Person B has a hat. B’s hat costs, say, 500 more Robux or so. You could tack on Dark Minion as a “weight hat”. So that’s my advice, thanks!



ROBLOX Donation Center 3—A Real Donation Center, Or Not?

One of the most popular donation stations (ROBLOX Donation Center 3, by blangmic- would be JUST like the others? Tons of donatees, no donators. We’ll see if that’s true, won’t we?

The feel of the donation center is nice, with obbies and badges.

However, as can be expected, there are many people begging for donations, and not many people GIVING them.

ROBLOX Donation Center 3

It’s a waste of time to go here, and if you WANT to trade limiteds (a few people here do), why not go to Merely’s place, it’s much better and popular.


Cheap Great August Looks

So, it’s getting into late summer….what hats are you going to wear?


We have a few for you.


The Tan Stetson is GREAT.

Tan Stetson

Looks great on you for this time of year.


The Aloha Shades, for the cheap price of 450 Robux, is a GREAT deal.

Aloha Shades

It’s a retexture of the even cheaper Midnight Shades, but these look great at this time.


Any Robloxians with a sense of humor will probably enjoy the limited Summer Hat, originally price at 100 robux.

Of course, the price has raised to 445, but it’s great, still.

Summer Hat


Last, but not least, is Brighteye’s Summer Vacation Leftovers. They were created just after summer was over, and it’s a limited with the current lowest price at 399, than gradually increasing in price, so buy it now!


Brighteyes' Summer Vacation Leftovers


These are some hats for the month of August. August is late summer, very hot, and I think these hats give the feel of that month.

So go out, and buy them now!