Bytecode Removed From Roblox

At the beginning of the weekend, John Shedletsky, Roblox’s creative director, announced on the blog that bytecode is no more.

What is Bytecode?

Bytecode is the result of compiling code. In order for it to work, it needs to be readable by the computer. What may be a simple “hello, world!” script will turn out to be this in Bytecode:

00000000 1B 4C 75 61 51 00 01 04 04 04 08 00 12 00 00 00 .LuaQ………..
00000010 3D 57 6F 72 6B 73 70 61 63 65 2E 53 63 72 69 70 =Workspace.Scrip
00000020 74 00 01 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 04 00 t……………
00000030 00 00 05 00 00 00 41 40 00 00 1C 40 00 01 1E 00 ……A@…@….
00000040 80 00 02 00 00 00 04 06 00 00 00 70 72 69 6E 74 €……….print
00000050 00 04 0C 00 00 00 48 65 6C 6C 6F 20 57 6F 72 6C ……Hello Worl
00000060 64 00 00 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 02 00 d……………
00000070 00 00 02 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 …………….
00000080 00 00 ..”

Why was it removed?

Shedletsky gave two reasons on the Roblox blog post about it: security, and it isn’t future-proof. The loadCharacter function would allow for identity spoofing, and httpGet could’ve been used for a DDoS on Roblox from themselves.

Why should anyone care?

Some people have used it as an obfuscation method to prevent stealing from exploits, which are widespread. However, as Shedletsky stated in their blog post, people’s games that are using it after this update won’t work until the code is deobfuscated.

I expect that some people will not be happy with this (such as clan leaders), but balancing the risks and the benefits, this was probably a good move.

Do you think this was a good move? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


This Week In C&G: 7/1/12 – 7/7/12

Welcome to the second edition of This Week In C&G, where we cover the latest developments in the clan world and make sense of it all.

New Alliances

No new alliances formed during the week.

New Wars

Right as they’ve ended a friendly war with NFC, led by fireantfive, The Robloxian Army, led by Tonitoni, went to war with Noble Blade, led by jlcompton89. Tonitoni announced this on his Twitter account late Saturday leading into Sunday.

“The Robloxian Army is now at war with Noble Blade!” “Victory shall be ours!” – Tonitoni announcing the war on his Twitter account, @tonitoniROBLOX

As always, keep reading Roblox Command for updates on this war and others that spring up!

War Updates

LSF (led by Mari0fan64) has declared a victory on the significantly smaller Roblox Army of Swords (RAS for short, led by LordHalo1157), with LSF winning with a shut-out score of 3-0.

RAT’s war on JC was at first ended by ColourTheory due to what he said was the most rude group in his career, but has now said it is actually suspended instead for RAT to finish up their Spectrum engine and due to the absence of some of their war leaders. While RAT was raiding, it appears that their war on JC was one of the rare times that the widely-hated VAK actually teamed up to raid JC, which caused quite a stir in C&G.

The Grand Imperium has declared a victory over The Imperium of Man. TGI’s leader, brickster1324, accused IOM of their high ranks exploiting, with photo and video proof. The thread detailing it can be found here.

They also were made enemies of JC by their leader, pspjohn1, on July 2nd. TGI’s recap of the first day can be found here as well.

Clan Elections

Roblox Night Wing, led by LordCopper, held an election for two Generals to be elected within the clan. GeneralN0torious announced the elections with the list of candidates, with a short speech from each of the candidates in the thread.

The United Clan of Roblox is holding another senatorial election. The nomination thread is here.

Alliance Relations News

No new alliance relations news occurred within the week.

New Clan Tech

ColourTheory launched RAT’s new Spectrum engine in a beta testing phase on Canada Day (July 1st), encouraging players to report any bugs, latency (ping) issues, and/or FPS issues to them. People have been widely anticipating the launch of it, even in a beta phase. It borrows several sounds from Valve’s own Source engine which powers several games like Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Portal and Portal 2, Half-Life, DotA 2, along others. Said sounds were uploaded by Roblox admin clockwork when people were still able to upload sounds. However, controversy still remains over Spectrum itself as CT hasn’t revealed a lot of details up until now. Beta tests continued throughout the week.

Meanwhile, WIJ’s competing Back In Business project is also coming closer to completion. This has sparked several debates in the forums about which one is better, but until both are out of alpha/beta testing phases, conclusions can’t really be made. SilentSwords said that there won’t be an open beta of BiB. VAK also beta tested new technology, with new weapons. stroudie posted a thread asking for people to sign up for tests. The thread can be found here.

Miscellaneous News

VOID’s leader, Culaure, has decided to reform the clan. Culaure says that the reform will bring new bases, uniforms, and a cadet program. The thread detailing what will happen can be found here.

Vortex Security, Roblox’s second largest clan with over 90K+ members, and a participating clan in ColourTheory’s Rising Wings Initiative alliance, implemented more ranks. opperblox24, one of the Generals in the clan, posted a thread detailing what has happened as well as a link to their revised promotion guide.

UCR (United Clan of Roblox, led by TDFall) also implemented more ranks, and UCR Officer darkspade1 detailed this in another thread. He also set up a poll for UCR members to see what would work best for them in the long run.

Several other clans have also added new ranks. If you’re in one, check to see if your clan added new ranks and familiarize yourself with them.


That’s it for this edition of This Week In C&G. The next edition will cover from this coming Friday to next Thursday. Got feedback? Feel free to contact me or Alpha5001 on Twitter (@wickedplayer494 and @Alpha5001 respectively) or leave a comment here.

We do apologize again for the delays, but better late than never. Due to the fact that I’ll be away next week, the next edition will not come until August 3rd. However, thanks as always for reading!

Happy Independence Day!

The team at Roblox Command wishes all of you a happy and safe Independence Day, even to our non-American readers! Stay safe with those fireworks as well!

The Big Stink: jaredvaldez4 and 1dev2’s “Welcome to the Town of Robloxia”

Welcome to a new segment called The Big Stink, where we cover what’s making a huge stink in the community. This segment will be on a no-schedule basis due to the unpredictability of what the community will make a stink about it. Today, we’ll be talking about the rumors of jaredvaldez4 and 1dev2’s “Welcome to the Town of Robloxia” being stolen and then uncopylocked.

Click through for the full article! Continue reading

Regarding Inactivity

Us here at Roblox Command have been quite busy. Unfortunately, this led to a lack of posts. We do apologize for not posting new posts. Keep in mind that this is a busy time in life for most people before summer, and the team at RC is no exception.

We’ll get back to posting as soon as we can. TWIC&G’s next post will cover the first week of July.

This Week In C&G: 6/10/12 – 6/14/12

Welcome to the first edition of This Week In C&G (TWiC&G for short)! Now, the reason you may be asking, “wait wick, why isn’t it a full week?” is because I was at my dad’s place for Saturday. Onto the post!


Meowmixxed, an overseer of ColourTheory’s RWI, says Team Domino was unfairly removed from Basketsgolba’s possession by admin intervention to Pieperson50. Whether any admin or moderator will acknowledge or deny the action is still to be seen. Meow says they will not be considered a real member of the ever-growing RWI, and have been suspended pending a discussion at their weekly summit.

Meow also says that if ownership of TD is not returned, there may be a vote to remove it from the RWI and additional sanctions.

New Alliances

ColourTheory announced that The Grand Imperium is now to be considered an ally of the Roblox Assault Team, otherwise known as TGI and RAT respectively. They were also admitted into the RWI alliance.

New Wars

fruitbox, leader of Roblox Special Forces, has declared war on pspjohn1’s aggressive John’s Cobras.

War Updates

fruitbox posted a thread on C&G saying that RSF won a raid on JC on 6/14/12. It appears no JC are really denying it, so a win for RSF was secured.

Clan Elections

No elections happened in any clans big enough to be covered by this segment (4.5K+ members).

Alliance Relations News

Pieperson50, leader of Team Domino, declined aid help from ColourTheory’s RWI after the alleged admin seizure of TD from Basketsgolba’s possesion. ColourTheory says the exact reason why the aid was declined is currently unknown, but said this:

“Why would you deny free help? Where does that selfishness factor in? Honestly, there was no risk.”

“It has nothing to do with ‘proving independence’. He acted rude, snobby and unappreciative considering we were authentically trying to help him and his clan instead of trying to scam him out of it like 99% of the people out there were trying to do.”

“I don’t even think it can be considered a warclan anymore. Does it even do anything?”

– ColourTheory, leader and founder of RAT and the RWI

Others are saying that TD is becoming what it was originally, a “join for free VIP at <insert game here>” type of group, If the reason becomes known, we’ll let you know.

Other C&G News

The rest of the C&G community has apparently only just now taken notice of ColourTheory’s Rising Wings Initiative, which has been around ever since the VAK era. Only recently was it re-purposed as a clan alliance. A small stink about it was made due to CT’s agendas. Past history has told us that multi-clan alliances will eventually fail as shown with the failed United Powers alliance. Whether RWI will also fail is yet to be seen as it has only been in operation for its new purpose for a small time.


That wraps it up for this segment. What do YOU think we could improve? Leave us a comment or contact us on our Twitter feeds over in the right sidebar.

Roblox Prepares For The Recently-Announced “hackathon”

This Monday, the Roblox staff put up a new blog post on how they’re preparing for the 2012 RGC “hackathon”. On Friday, the staff held an in-house version of the hackathon to prepare for what it’ll be like at the actual game conference.

The winning developers in the mock hackathon were QuantumSama and HotThoth. Though no prizes other than bragging rights were given out, once the real conference comes, real prizes will be given out to participants.