The Big Stink: jaredvaldez4 and 1dev2’s “Welcome to the Town of Robloxia”

Welcome to a new segment called The Big Stink, where we cover what’s making a huge stink in the community. This segment will be on a no-schedule basis due to the unpredictability of what the community will make a stink about it. Today, we’ll be talking about the rumors of jaredvaldez4 and 1dev2’s “Welcome to the Town of Robloxia” being stolen and then uncopylocked.

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This Week In C&G: An Introduction

I’m going to be doing a new segment here on Roblox Command called This Week In C&G. What I hope to cover with this new segment is the general goings-on in the clan community, such as new alliances, wars breaking out, and clan relations. To avoid the segment’s posts being a bit long, I’ll be covering only moderate-size clans and higher. Hopefully, with the segment, you’ll be able to make sense of it all.

Famous Robloxians #1

Like Regular Robloxians, I’ll be interviewing people, but the catch is that this segment interviews famous people. This segment features Robloxians that are better known in the community. Today’s interview is with BillCheesey5, a Roblox News writer.

BillCheesey5, 6/6/12

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Regular Robloxians #1

In this column, I’m going to attempt to interview Robloxians who aren’t famous. They may be accomplished, and they may even be well known for doing things, or be very interesting, but they’re as popular as you and me (with only 10,000 profile visits, I fit into this category).

Interview with Kamiblurt, E-1 Of the United States Delta Force, led by Eversio


Q: When did you join Roblox?

A: I first joined Roblox in 2008. 

Q: What was your first game on Roblox?

A: I started with Miked’s Paintball, and it’s still the game I like best.

Q; What’s your favorite Roblox item?

A:  My feathered fedora. It’s the first item I got with Robux, and it looks bawss.”

Q: That’s the only hat you bought with Robux, and it was 675, why?

A: I’m just too lazy to get a new hat.

Q: What was the first thing you did on Roblox?

A: I went to the catalog and looked at the stage prop hat.

Q: How did you discover clans?

A: I went on my friend’s profile, 1234drake3, and found them that way.

Thanks Kamiblurt for letting me interview you!

Incoming Suggestions #1

I’m starting a new column, called “Incoming Suggestions”, all about the suggestions Roblox players are giving.

The Suggestion: Today, we’ll begin with a common suggestion, titled “make a new bc for $60” and written by iTopHatter.

The Feedback: According to the admins, there will be no other forms of builders club. Suggestions like this are pointless.

Here’s one that caught my attention.

The Suggestion: WeirdAlYankovic2 suggested a ban voting feature. Each week, players would be given one vote, and they could vote on a player to ban (i.e. jaredvaldez4).

The Feedback: Haters, and other people without a good reason would ban. Also, there would be the problem of many players using alts. If one player used a few, it wouldn’t make a difference, but many haters would team up to get players out. With some refinery, this could be a good suggestion, but it wasn’t very developed.

The Suggestion: Canada2992 suggested that guests should be banned from war games.

The Feedback: This is part of an effort to block out the guests. One reply I thought which was intelligent was someone saying that there was little different between guests and newbies. However, I personally do not believe it would hurt if the Roblox admins made a bigger push for guests to register. 

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How We’ll Be Reviewing Places

At Roblox Command, we’ll be reviewing places a little bit differently from any place else. When you rate something 5 stars, what does that mean? If I rate ANOTHER place 5 stars, which is better? How can I tell? Well, there’s no need to fear, because at RC, we’re going to be doing something better!

Games will get points added on to their score for certain things they have. There will be different ways to get points in different genres of games. The idea is that you’ll be able to see the best games to play without having to compare them.