Incoming Suggestions #1

I’m starting a new column, called “Incoming Suggestions”, all about the suggestions Roblox players are giving.

The Suggestion: Today, we’ll begin with a common suggestion, titled “make a new bc for $60” and written by iTopHatter.

The Feedback: According to the admins, there will be no other forms of builders club. Suggestions like this are pointless.

Here’s one that caught my attention.

The Suggestion: WeirdAlYankovic2 suggested a ban voting feature. Each week, players would be given one vote, and they could vote on a player to ban (i.e. jaredvaldez4).

The Feedback: Haters, and other people without a good reason would ban. Also, there would be the problem of many players using alts. If one player used a few, it wouldn’t make a difference, but many haters would team up to get players out. With some refinery, this could be a good suggestion, but it wasn’t very developed.

The Suggestion: Canada2992 suggested that guests should be banned from war games.

The Feedback: This is part of an effort to block out the guests. One reply I thought which was intelligent was someone saying that there was little different between guests and newbies. However, I personally do not believe it would hurt if the Roblox admins made a bigger push for guests to register. 

That’s it for now, and I’ll be back soon!