Roblox Prepares For The Recently-Announced “hackathon”

This Monday, the Roblox staff put up a new blog post on how they’re preparing for the 2012 RGC “hackathon”. On Friday, the staff held an in-house version of the hackathon to prepare for what it’ll be like at the actual game conference.

The winning developers in the mock hackathon were QuantumSama and HotThoth. Though no prizes other than bragging rights were given out, once the real conference comes, real prizes will be given out to participants.


Roblox Hosting a “hackathon” at the 2012 RGC

reesemcblox (Roblox community manager) announced on the Roblox blog today that they will be hosting what they call a “hackathon” at the becoming more and more event-filled 2012 Roblox Game Conference!

They’re only able to give away so many details, so here’s what they said:

  • Every 20 minutes, an employee from the Roblox development team will give out a new challenge
  • Participants will be given a set amount of time to complete a challenge
  • reese says there will be challenges like making new GUIs or game effects, script a sequence of behaviors, solve math and programming puzzles, and more
  • Participants can participate in as many challenges as they like
  • Prizes will be given away
  • There will be leaderboards for most skilled users and who has completed the most challenges

The dev team will be preparing in-house, and reese encourages possible participants to sharpen their game design skills while they can!

It’ll definitely be interesting to see who comes out on top in this competition, and I expect it to be a heated battle.